Smart Electronic Shelf Label System Installation

Combine digital cost tags with digital payment solutions to provide customers an inventive shopping experience.

"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."

ž* With the development of Internet technology and display technology, the smart electronic shelf label presents a rapid growth.

* žThe system uses electronic paper display and ultra-low-power wireless networking technology to provide an electronic shelf label.

ž* Smart electronic shelf label  help save a lot of manpower and paper costs.

ž* Easy to manage product information

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Our Solutions in Dubai

TWTS’s electronic shelf labelling solution (ESL) helps you to save time with automatic price updates. It’s more cost-efficient than paper, and improves your customers’ experience with accurate, reliable pricing.

We help retailers take the right path to performance by providing an ESL platform with the lowest TCO. This forward-compatible digital infrastructure is now enabling in-store digital transformation, from price management and operational optimization to personalization and predictive tools.

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– State of the art technology
– Industry leading battery life
– Graphic Labels
– Segment Labels
– Real Time Updates / Sub 1 Second

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Your benefits with digital price tags

Flexible Designs

Flexible design is a form of design which allows for interim feedback that may change the course of a trial or experiment.

Updateable Descriptions

App updates are great for both app users and apps – updates mean that developers are always working on improving the app, keeping in mind better customer experience with each update.


Promotion is a type of communication between the buyer and the seller. ... tries to persuade the buyer to purchase their goods or services through promotions.

Reduce Labor

Reduction of Labor. the objective process of reducing complex (skilled) labor to simple labor. All labor is distinguished by its degree of complexity, which depends on its content.

Accurate Prices

"Accurately pricing your product is critical at any point in the economic cycle but no more so than in a recession," says Laura Willett, a small business consultant ...

Enhanced Store Branding

Enhanced credibility and ease of purchase. Having a strong, well-known brand enhances your credibility with customers, your industry, and the marketplace as a.

24/7 Electronic Shelf Label Technical Support in Dubai

At Tawdeeh Technical Services Dubai, we guarantee you maximum satisfaction amongst our customers by offering them with unparalleled Electronic Shelf Label system installation and support in the industry. Our support team is exceptionally technical, responsive, well-trained and always prepared to go an extra mile to help our customers with any IT related issues they may encounter with the systems in your store. 
Last but not the least, TWTS has always been fervent about giving a quick fix to all the digitalization of retail problems for the best possible price to the clients.

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