Tawdeeh Technical Services provides everybody with its reasonably priced and most flexible solutions for Voice over Internet Protocol, also known as IP telephony, for their businesses. The telephone systems that we offer are highly reliable and adaptable for use in homes, offices, hotels or even in an enterprise where there are hundreds or even thousands of users relocated in different parts of the world. Our increasing business experience in telecoms, combined with excellent ceaseless support will make sure that you are granted access to the communication system of the business that will fulfil the requirements of your operation.

TWTS has years of experience in providing the best possible solutions for Office Telephony and have rendered their managerial services in order to support numerous phones at several customers’ offices around the globe.

IP telephony, for their businesses. The telephone systems that we offer are highly reliable and adaptable for use in homes, offices, hotels or even in an

TWTS Dubai – Number# 1 IP Telephony System Providers For Businesses

We offer an IP PBX, a complete phone system, as a well supervised service at your site or even in the cloud. The essential features of IP PBX like high accessibility and flexibility can fit into your business requirements, cater you with its clever services and greatly satisfy your business needs. In order to give power to your IP phones, TWTS holds the potential to leverage your current investment in network switches such as PoE or arrange our very own administered power supplies, layer 2 switches, software upgrading programs, CDR reporting, capacity planning, updates for multiple features ad licensing are also included.
For atmost availability and least downtime, we can also provide an expendable backup server that will be enable in case you encounter a failure. For communication and business-critical phone environments, TawdeehTechnicalServices presents you with such IP PBX servers that are dual redundant in a super active configuration system. In case of deployments that are highly available, these IP phones can be simultaneously registered to the dual IP PBX servers. As a result, the system proves to be extremely resilient and dependable.

IP Telephone System or PABX System?

Choosing between the two is a tough choice for business owners because they mostly don’t understand the technicality of the parameters or even the difference between them. If your business requirements do not include any such features other than that of those which are only used to make and receive phone calls, then analog PABX system is the best choice due to its reliability and cost-effectiveness and is the most suitable for entrepreneurs.

In contrast, IP telephony system gives you the advantage to integrate your business communication systems over larger areas and different locations. This system provides features that are business friendly and controls the operation of your business. Hence, IP telephony comes out to be a broader network and is very convenient.

Feature Summary

  • Capability to create encrypted VPN, that works site to site, for high security
  • Sustenance, provision and delivery of good quality IP phones
  • Sustenance, provision and delivery of such equipment that can connect PSTN, analogue and IP devices and access them
  • Onsite local support whenever needed
  • Follow Me efficiency and user efficiency
  • Fax to email services
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