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Access Control Solutions In Dubai

Tawdeeh Technical Services is the greatest IT solution provider in Dubai that caters people with its countless affordable support services to suit the necessary requirements of your businesses and proves to be the best answer to all your problems with magnetic locks, electromagnetic door lock troubleshooting or card access troubleshooting. It gives you undoubtedly the most appropriate and easy IT solutions to all your access control troubles.

For the security of your home, we provide QR code door access control system Dubai of today’s modern technology. In this lock system the QR code holder can scan their code and open the lock. You can also secure your shops, garage, and warehouse by using door access control system with free software. In this the lock opens using your software controlled plastic cards and readers, which is quite safe and secure. You can also use biometric door access control system that is also an ultra modern technique for your safety locks. In this security system biometric data such as fingerprint of a person is scanned and matched to the data stored in its software. The door will be unlocked when there is a match. Similarly we offer card entry system Dubai you can unlock the door through verified card only by using these smart door access control system Dubai you will forget to keep the keys and fear of losing them.

Smart Door access control

Based in Dubai, TWTS is one of the most eminent support services providers for access control installation. Whether you are in search of door entry sustenance or you are trying to find a high security solution to suit your turnstile gate access control systems, we have got your back and we won’t let you down. The security of your building is highly maintained and taken care of. Your staff can only get on with the work you want them to complete. The risk of insurance or security is taken care of, and so is the time and cost of the replacement of Door locks and the issuance of new keys to everybody.

Comprehensive Door Access Control Solution Services in all over Dubai for Organizations

Our experienced technicians work professionally with our installation and troubleshooting partners to grant absolute access control technical support in Middle-East that meet the needs of their customers. Our success solely depends upon the profitable and good working relationship with our customers. Our customers’ loyalty status means a lot to us and we try our level best to never disappoint them. The team of Tawdeeh Technical Services includes well qualified engineers and consultants who have an experience above 5 years.

If you are seeking well experienced access control system technical support for installing gate & door access control systems for your home, building, office and etc, don’t need to worry we are here to provide you well managed IT support. Your buildings will be secured and just the right people will get access to their way in. We also suggest you that key-based systems are helpful but once you lose a key, it’s a hassle for you. Moreover, you must make sure that the right keys happen to be in the safe hands of the right people. Sounds like a lot of trouble? Don’t worry, we have all the right answers.

Door access control systems provide you all the authority you want without any difficulties of a lost key:
  • Do ensure that you issue a card, code or fob to each member of the staff.
  • Each can be exceptionally programmed to grant access just to where you let them go.
  • Access can be restricted to selected days and times.
  • Reports can be made that show the time when any user enters.
  • If its lost, you only block that code, fob or card and give out another.
So, the importance of door access control systems clearly depicts how much of use our solutions would be to you once you get our professional card access control assistance in Dubai.

Using Your Access Control System

The usage of access control systems in vast and is found everywhere in your grounds and buildings:
  • On barriers and external gates.
  • They manage your main gateways, even if they are standard doors or revolving doors.
  • Access control can administer turnstiles within your building.
  • Access control systems can limit access to individual areas and offices such as project offices and server rooms.

Short-term or contract staff access if managed super conveniently. The centralized control access system in the entire grounds and buildings means that you can limit and give access to whenever and whoever you need to.

TWTS Provides Technical Support Services in Dubai, UAE for:

  • Door access control solutions
  • Electronics lock solutions
  • Bio metric lock solutions
  • Door lock installation
  • Magnetic lock troubleshooting and many more.

Because of your unique security and building requirements,TWTS also conducts a site survey that give them a platform to design all the required solutions for access control that meetyour needs. And certainly, there are no obligations attached to it.

In case of any confusion or clarification, feel free to ring us and watch your worries vanish away.

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